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To play MIDI files, iPad must be connected to an external sound module, like Expander or X-Light 2 by M-Live, via the Camera Connection Kit and a USB cable (see picture).
MP3 and MP3+G files can be both played directly from iPad or using a compatible external sound module.

Starting with version 2.0 of Grinta Karaoke, the iPad's auxiliary video output has been enabled to allow you to display the Karaoke lyrics on an external display. To do this, simply connect the Apple Composite AV Cable (or a compatible third-party accessory) to the dock connector port and use a TV screen with composite inputs.

NOTE: using this configuration, it will no longer be possible to use an external sound module for sound generation.

Alternatively, for those who own an Expander by M-Live there is the possibility to connect a TV screen to the approriate video output on Expander while keeping the benefits of the external sound generation.

NOTE: MP3+G formatted files don't support this type of visualization.

Music library

You can add songs to Grinta iPad Karaoke PRO library by importing them from your computer through the appropriate section in iTunes.

To add files stored on your computer using iTunes, just follow these simple steps:

  1. connect your iPad to the computer and wait for iTunes to recognize it (it will appear in the Devices section in the sidebar);
  2. after selecting your iPad from the list of devices, click on the tab "App";
  3. go to the File Sharing tab of the "Apps" tab and select "Grinta Karaoke" from the list of available applications;
  4. click on "Add ..." and select the files on your computer that you want to import (you can only import files with the following extensions: .mid, .kar, .mf3, .mf4, .mp3, .cdg).

After disconnecting your iPad, launch Grinta Karaoke PRO and your files will be automatically imported into the Library.

TIP: The "Recent" playlist contains the last 50 imported songs for quick access.

Song Service digital store

Starting from version 2.0, Grinta karaoke has a digital store built right into the app: the Song Service.
Song Service offers immediate access to over 10,000 backing tracks in both MIDI and MP3 formats with karaoke lyrics.

Using Song Service is very simple: buy individual songs or subscribe with "unlimited access" to download all the backing tracks in our catalog. Payments will be securely processed via In-App Purchase by Apple and charged directly on your iTunes account.

Individual songs

The individual songs are available for purchase as MIDI or MP3 backing tracks. The price of each song is shown on the button next to the title.
Once downloaded, the new songs will be added to those already in Grinta's Library.

NOTE: files downloaded through the purchase of individual songs will remain always available to the user.


Subscriptions are the best way of reaching the Song Service huge catalog of backing tracks. For the duration of the subscription, it is possible to download an unlimited number of songs as backing tracks in both MIDI and MP3 formats.

The songs downloaded whitin the duration of a subscription will have a clock icon next to them and will remain available to the user for the specified period.
When the subscription expires the songs will still remain visibile in the library for a period of 7 days (with a warning icon next to them) but won't play unless a new subscription is activated. After that period the songs will be removed from the memory and have to be re-downloaded.

NOTE: if you have choosen a subscription type of "auto-renewal", it will be automatically renewed at the end of the period. To check the status of your subscriptions and eventually revoke the automatic renewal, you have to launch the "Settings" app, go to the Store section and tap Apple ID > View Apple ID.
If there are any active subscriptions, you can then disable the auto-renew or change the subscription period.

Grinta Karaoke has been developed by M-Live, leader in Italy for the MIDI and MP3 music entertainment industry. M-Live has also launched, the online music store featuring more than 10,000 backing tracks and digital scores.

Please contact us at for any comments or questions.

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